Sport and leisure strategy 2013-17

The aim of this strategy is to improve the quality of life for Trafford residents through increased participation and access to sport, leisure and physical activity. It is key that opportunities to take part in sport and leisure are provided and sustained at all levels for all our communities, so as to contribute significantly to the health and wellbeing of residents. The strategy will be utilised as a tool to build healthy, safe and strong communities as well as supporting economic growth. This strategy focuses on the Council’s position within the context of the wider community sport & leisure provision, which includes opportunities and facilities incorporating sports clubs from grass roots to elite level as well as facilities owned by the Council, its partners, community organisations, private facilities and schools.

The Key Strategic Priorities are:

  • Sport and leisure priorities are aligned to and support the priorities for health and wellbeing.
  • Assets that meet the current and future sporting needs of Trafford’s residents.
  • Effective strategic & local partnerships delivering a sustainable community sport & leisure offer.
  • Major Sporting Events that inspire and engage.