Licensing pre-application advice

We offer a pre-application advice service to support your licensing application made under the Licensing Act 2003. The aim is to help you to anticipate and fix any problems which may arise during the application process.

However, our advice cannot pre-judge the outcome of the licensing application, especially if representations are received and a hearing is scheduled to take place before a Licensing Sub-Committee.

The pre-application service will highlight common pitfalls and assist business owners through the licensing consultation process, in turn promoting a successful and thriving borough, creating pride in our local area; which forms part of the seven corporate priorities for Trafford Council. 

Our pre-application advice service offers:

  • advice and assistance with completing application forms
  • advice on appropriate conditions taking into account the type and style of the operation intended at the premises, its location and in consultation with our Senior Licensing Officer or respected Licensing Officer
  • advice on drawing up plans to accompany the application in accordance with the relevant regulations
  • advice on nominating an appropriate Designated Premises Supervisor
  • assistance with completing the statutory notices and advertisements
  • on-site visits are available to ensure plans are compliant with regulations and the appropriate statutory notices are correctly on display
  • advice on matters you may need to consider to assess possible noise transmission to neighbouring properties, dependent on the type of operation proposed for the premises.
  • advice on measures to promote the licensing objective of prevention of crime and disorder
  • advice on age verification measures and protecting children from harm on licensed premises


Our charges for this service are based on the application type.

Licensing applicationAdvice servicePrice

Up to 3 hours of officer time. For advice on the licensing process, guidance on plans, publicnotices and newspaper advertisements, licence conditions, completion of operating schedule and advice on the Live Music Act deregulation. Includes a face-to-face meeting at Trafford Town Hall but does not include any site visits.

£157.50 (includes VAT)

For advice where site visit is essential. Up to 6 hours of officer time. Includes meeting and site visit by the Senior Licensing Officer. For advice on the licensing process, guidance on plans, public notices and newspaper advertisements, licence conditions, completion of operating schedule and advice on the Live Music Act deregulation.

£394.50 (includes VAT)

For applications which need considerable officer time of up to 15 hours. Includes multiple site visits and liaison with our Senior Licensing Officer, Environmental Health and Trading Standards, for events which would generally need to also go through the Safety Advisory Group process.

£1342.50 (includes VAT)

The pre-application advice service is tailored business advice provided other than under an existing Primary Authority Partnership.

The fee for additional hours required for medium and large applications standard is at the rate of £79 per additional hour.


With regard to any pre-application advice, the written confirmation will state that pre-application advice will not give applicants any exemptions from the licensing process.

Responsible Authorities, including the Licensing Authority, Public Protection, Health & Safety, Trading Standards, may still make a representation against the application and the case may still need to be heard at Licensing Sub-Committee for a decision to be made.

The advice given will not include views from other responsible authorities such as the Police, Fire Authority, etc.

Determining any application that is subject to representations will be the function of the Licensing Sub-Committee who will consider the application and the representations on its own merits and determine the application accordingly on the basis of whether it promotes the licensing objectives.

Make a request for pre-application advice

Complete the online form including your contact information and a brief overview of the type of premises that needs to be licensed such as off licence, restaurant, bar, club, public house, indoor arena, sports stadium, outdoor music festival and any additional supporting information.

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