Additional charges

Printing and Copying Charges

copying and printing

Site History Search: Researching site histories or providing search type information from the planning records

£63.50 per hour

Copies of decision notices and or information/ documentation within the 3 month window from Committee decision

£25.73 plus VAT

Copies of decision notices/TPOs and or information/documentation outside the 3 month window

from £53.13 plus VAT

Additional information/documentation requested, generated by a land charge search (Including copies of decision notice where application number is quoted)


Copy of a TPO not generated by a land charge search but within the 3 month window from confirmation


Copies of information/documentation excluding exempt information within the 3 days prior to Committee

53p per side A4

Additional information/documentation requested where no application number is quoted (SEARCH)

£63.50 per hour plus 53p per side

Building Control - For the issuing of Completion Certificates in connection with archived and dormant Building Regulation applications (When a Completion Certificate has not already been issued)


Provision of a certificate of exemption from the provisions of the Building Regulations


Charge for planning applications withdrawn prior to registration where fee has been paid (amount deducted from refund)


The above charges all include first 4 sides of photocopying; any additional sides are charged at 53p per side. 

Site Location Plans

The Planning Portal offers a complete planning application submission service, including access to up to date Ordnance Survey mapping.