Planning for householders


Making the planning process easier for householders

Guide to making an application

A quick guide to making a planning application is available to explain what you need to consider when applying.

Do I need planning permission?

We have produced a series of self assessment forms that will help you decide if the work you are proposing requires planning permission. The self assessment forms cover house extensions, outbuildings, walls, fences and driveways and work to your roof.

Pre-application advice

The Council provides a comprehensive pre-application advice service for householders.

Application forms

We would prefer that you apply for planning permission online via the Planning Portal. Documents and plans can be submitted electronically and you can pay via credit/debit card.

Application procedure

A quick review of the planning application procedure.

Professional planning services

Find an accredited agent, architect or get professional advice.

Planning constraints

When submitting an application you may need to consider a number of constraints. These include whether your building is in a conservation area or is listed. It also considers other factors such as flood risk.

Common projects

A number of interactive guides are available that can help explain planning and building control requirements for your proposed development.

Building control

If you will be extending, or altering the structure of a building you will also need Building Regulations approval and have the work inspected.