Glossary of terms

We have a more details on different terms to help you with Direct payments.

Personal outcomes

[1] Personal outcomes describe what a person wants to achieve. These are realistic goals that the person receiving care and support, and their care worker or carer can work towards. They are usually based around supporting the individual’s wellbeing.

Commissioned Service

[2] Commissioned Service is where Trafford BC will arrange directly with a company to provide care, with no input from you or the person you care for.

A Financial Assessment

[3] A Financial Assessment is completed to ascertain if the person receiving social care support can make a contribution towards the care being provided each week. This can be termed as a financial contribution or community care client contribution charge.

Direct Payment Suitable Person

[4] Direct Payment Suitable Person. A Direct Payment recipient can nominate a ‘Suitable Person’ to act on their behalf to administer the Direct Payment Funding and the care provision identified within their assessment of need.

This person may already act as a financial appointee, with the Department of Work and Pensions or managing personal finances on the recipient’s behalf. The appointed ‘Suitable Person’ is responsible for the management of the Direct Payment Funding, administration of the Direct Payment account, paying invoices, organising care provision etc.

When an audit of the Direct Payment Account is required, they will also be responsible for ensuring all documents, which relate to the requested period of time, are provided to the Direct Payment Audit Team in a timely manner.

A Suitable Person is also responsible for ensuring that all payments of invoices, Personal Assistant payroll payments etc are made from the Direct Payment Account are made in line with the funding provided. Any items of expenditure taken form the Direct Payment Account that are not detailed in the Direct Payment recipients care plan, may be requested to be repaid to Trafford BC.

A Suitable Person is also responsible for ensuring that any community care charge client contribution amounts that are due are paid correctly and compliantly into the Direct Payment Funding account regularly, either by a standing order or bacs transfer.