Support brokers

A support broker can help you with the direct payment process and managing your personal budget. They help you understand how direct payment works and your responsibilities. They can also help you maintain the support services you already have in place.

Our support brokers can help in many ways:

  • Develop a support and spending plan which is tailored to your needs, helping you get the most out of your allocated personal budget.
  • Supporting you and your carers to make care and support arrangements, such as by finding information on services available (i.e., respite, day care and agency support).
  • Supporting you and your and carers to become a good (and legal) employer when employing personal assistants.
  • Helping to carry out DBS checks.
  • Giving advice on how to access any training, purchasing employers liability insurance, and arranging payroll and accountancy support when employing your own personal assistant(s).
  • Supporting you and your carers negotiate fees and costs and resolve issues with providers.