NRPF Self Declaration

  • Self declaration form
    This is a declaration form for families with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF). Complete this form if you want to apply for free early education for 2 year olds. You must also complete the 2 application form.
  • To complete this form you will need to provide your HMRC Share Code. If you do not have a Share Code you can provide a copy of your Biometric Residency Permit by uploading a photograph of the card (both sides are required).
  • You must also provide confirmation that your family meets the income threshold by uploading some evidence (for example; bank statement or payslip).
  • Child details
  • Address
  • Parent / Carer details
  • Is your address the same as your child?
  • If you answered 'no' the above question, confirm your address