CAMHS for Children in Care

We are a specialised child and adolescent mental health service for children in care. The dedicated team is in recognition of the increased vulnerabilities and difficulties that young people can have following life events that bring them into care.

Why are emotional well-being issues so important?

Children and young people in care are at risk of poor emotional well-being and poor mental health, and sometimes their lives can remain complex and complicated for some time. This can leave young people at risk of poor physical and mental health into adulthood.

However, we also know that promoting positive mental health, helping young people to process and make sense of their life events, and build their coping skills and resilience can improve their life circumstances. We have put together a guide called Promoting resilience of children in care  for you to download.

Who are we and what do we aim to achieve?

The team consists of:

  • Dr Jo Meadows, Clinical Psychologist
  • Vicky Obi, Mental Health Practitioner
  • Julie Webb, Team Administrator

The aims of our team are:

  • Improving the recognition of distress and psychological problems and enabling psychological perspectives to inform care plans.
  • Assisting the development of quality care, including facilitating attachment relationships and improving specialist parenting skills.
  • Provision of direct input to children and families.

How and when do you get in contact?

We are constantly striving to improve the services we provide and value feedback from those we come into contact with. Our Team Plan each year reflects our current priorities and is available should you want to view it.

Our priorities always include working directly with young people when clinically appropriate, providing consultation to professionals/carers/parents involved with children in care, and providing direct training to professionals/carers.

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss something with us, or are thinking about making a referral.

We are based at:

CAMHS Trafford for Children in Care

Trafford Town Hall
Talbot Road
M32 0TH
Phone 0161 912 2194
Fax 0161 912 5056