Animal Disease Outbreaks

Health and Welfare of Farmed Animals

The Council employs trained Animal Welfare Officers who will undertake inspections of farms and small holdings to ensure the health and welfare of the animals, their traceability, and any controls on their movements, to prevent the spread of disease.

Animal Diseases

The Council also has a statutory role in prevention and controlling the spread (biosecurity) of animal diseases such as Foot And Mouth Disease, Bluetongue, and Avian influenza (Bird Flu) during outbreaks. 

Investigation of Complaints about Animal Health and Welfare

Officers  will also investigate complaints from members of the public concerned about the welfare of farmed animals, or animals in licensed premises such as pet shops, horse riding establishments etc.

Concerns about the health and welfare of domestic animals (pets) however should be referred to the RSPCA.

A full range of detailed guidance covering the law on the welfare of livestock including transport and animal diseases can be found on the Business Companion website.