Dead animals

If you find a dead animal on council land or the public highway, please report it to us. An officer will go to remove it as soon as possible. Depending on the situation, we may remove the dead animal within 2 hours. For example, if it is causing an obstruction on the public highway. During working core hours, please report it online using the link to the right of this page.  

Out of core hours, If you come across a dead animal on the public highway which is causing an obstruction, please call the Out of Hours Team on 0161 912 2020. If it is on council land but not causing an obstruction on the public highway, please report it online and an officer will remove it the following working day. 

The Council does not offer a free collection service for pets or animals found dead on private property:

  • Large wild animals and pets (e.g. deer, sheep, fox, badger, swan) can be collected through our Bulky Waste Collection Service for a small charge.
  • Smaller wild animals (e.g. rodents, birds, feral cats) can be disposed of in your grey wheeled bin. Please ensure the animal is double bagged before placing in the bin.
  • Rare animals, such as birds of prey and otters should be reported to the Cheshire Wildlife Trust as they may wish to examine the animal before it is disposed of.

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