Noise from Commercial and Industrial Premises

Noise from businesses and industry can sometime lead to disturbances being caused to residents within the Trafford Borough.

Excessive noise that interferes with an individual's right to peace and quiet at home and causes sleep disturbance could be classified as a nuisance. The Council has specific legal powers to deal with nuisances.

However, the Council recognises the importance and rights of businesses and wherever possible will work with them to ensure that they are operating to their best practicable means.

What can I do?

If you are being bothered by noise from a business you must contact the Pollution and Licensing Section to discuss the type of noise that is bothering you.  Keep a noise nuisance diary too.

Typical noise complaints from commercial premises would be noisy fans or refrigeration plant, early morning or late night deliveries and collections, machinery noise from inside premises during the night.

What the Council will do

The Council will investigate complaints or inquiries made concerning noise from commercial and industrial premises. The Council will take into account the type of noise being complained about and the times that the noise occurs.

Detailed noise monitoring would be carried out by Pollution Officers to determine the effect the noise is having on the resident(s). If the noise is deemed to be unreasonable the Council can serve a legal notice under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 on the business. This notice can impose requirements for the operation of business’s including their adopting the highest possible standards for noise mitigation.

However, where the situation did require the Council to serve a legal notice sufficient time would be allowed for any modifications to plant or equipment to be made. In many cases there isn't always an instant solution.