Green bin queries

Where can I get more compostable liners from?

To help you recycle all food waste, we provide every household with a roll of 52 compostable bags every year when we deliver your bin collection calendar. When you need more please contact us on 03330 035865 and we will deliver another roll for free. 

I would like a green caddy instead of a green bin, can I request one?

If you live in a property with little space to store a green bin we will consider your request. You can order a green caddy in our report it section.

How do I avoid maggots, flies and smells?

Do not leave food waste uncovered inside the house before putting it in the kitchen caddy, as flies may lay the eggs that develop into maggots during this time. Keep the green bin/caddy lid fully closed and if possible, out of direct sunlight. Try to remove some of the moisture from food waste before it goes into the green bin, for example by draining peelings. If using compostable liners to contain your food waste, squeeze the air out once they are full. The lack of air should reduce smells by slowing down the rate of decomposition.

Where can I buy compost from?

You can buy your recycled garden and food waste as a multi-purpose peat free compost. For more information visit Recycle For Greater Manchester.