Events in parks

If you are holding a smaller gathering in a park, there is a different notification process from the below. 

You can send us your application as early as you wish but it must arrive no later than 8 weeks prior to when you require an in-principal decision from us.

Large (over 500 attendees at any one time) or complex events may require a longer lead in period as adequate time is required for your application to be processed by relevant Council services and to request further information if necessary. 

If your event may have a significant impact on local residents, we may also require you to undertake some resident consultation or engagement. Events which require road closures will normally need to contact us at least 8 weeks in advance.

We require events to be insured for £5m public liability insurance as well as the suppliers who attend the event. If an event has the potential to damage the land it is using a refundable bond will be charged.

Bouncy castles and fairground rides require a PIPA / ADIP certificate. Include the safety certificate number in your application which the event officer will check online. The only case where your provider will not have one is if their piece of equipment is under the 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

Alcohol is a restricted item and you will need to check with the licensing team to see if you will be granted an exemption.

Next steps

In order to complete the application, you will need:

  • Risk assessment and or event management plan. See guidance page for advice.
  • Event insurance policy number and expiry date.
  • Site plan – This should identify where all activities will take place, first aid, lost children’s point, emergency access route. Check our guidance page if you would like to use of our park maps to create your site plan.
  • Third party providers (Risk assessment, insurance policy number, value and date).
  • Caterers (Risk assessment, insurance policy number, value and date, food hygiene rating, which local authority they are registered with and confirmation of gas certificate if applicable to your caterer).
  • Fairground rides (Risk assessment, insurance policy number, value and date, ADIP safety certificate number).
  • Bouncy castle (Risk assessment, insurance policy number, value and date, PIPA safety certificate number).
  • There will be an additional fee if you need to move any street or park furniture such as bollards, or would like to hire any bins. Include any details of such requirements on your application, and we will let you know of the costs when we review your application.

We advise that you do not submit your application until you have all supporting documentation such as the risk assessment and site plan.

If you submit your application without the supporting documents, your application will not be considered as submitted until the documentation is received.

If you do not send your supporting documentation in with the 8 week lead in period you may be required to move your event date back so that there is an 8 week period from submission to event date.

If you submit an incomplete application, it will be rejected and you will be required to reapply.

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