Temporary accommodation

Temporary accommodation is available for households who become homeless and are referred by Housing Options Service Trafford (HOST) after a homeless assessment. A limited number of temporary accommodation units are provided throughout the borough of Trafford. It may not always be possible to place you in your current neighbourhood so you may have to make temporary arrangements to travel to work and or school. If you have a pet or your own furniture, please discuss this with HOST as these are not automatically accepted into temporary accommodation.

Next steps

We'll contact you to arrange a convenient time and date in order to book you into the address where you will be living temporarily. We'll complete the relevant tenancy paperwork with you - it's important that you bring along forms of identification for yourself and your family as well as any welfare benefit letters or wage slips you have.

It is your responsibility to pay the rent whilst you are in temporary accommodation. If you recieve welfare benefits or are on a low wage, you can apply to Trafford Council’s Housing Benefit section for help with paying the rent. During the book-in interview, we will help you to complete the application form.  We'll then liaise with the Housing Benefit section to ensure that you provide all the necessary supporting information for your entitlement for assistance to be calculated correctly. If utility bills are not included in the rent at the temporary accommodation property, you must contact the supplier to sort these payments.

We will help you settle in and explain any practical issues. There will be a lot of information at first - don't worry, we're here to answer questions. We will visit you regularly to check the property and furniture, and to see how you are getting on with moving on to more permanent accommodation.

Moving on

How long you have to wait for a more permanent property depends on your individual circumstances and requirements. The lettings and bidding system will be explained to you to make sure you maximise your chance of being re-housed. You will also receive guidance on how to apply for other Housing Association properties, as well as information on the private rented sector.

The more flexible you are about your choice of area and property type, the quicker you are likely to be re-housed.

How to contact HOST