Library charges

Audio books

Audio books are loaned for a period of three weeks and are free for all borrowers.


All posted library notifications incur a charge of 90p. This includes 'reservation waiting collection' and 'overdue loan' notifications and applies to all borrowers, including under 16s.

Notifications sent by text are 10p - get in touch if you would like to set up this service. You will receive overdue loan and reservation waiting collection notices.

Notifications sent by email are free - get in touch if you would like to set up this service. You will receive loan reminder notices a few days before items are due back as well as the standard overdue and reservation notices.

Exhibitions and displays

There is no charge for holding an exhibition but charges will be levied for:

  • Rental of space of 50 sq m and more (Urmston only) : £50 per week/part of week
  • Rental of space under 50 sq m : £25 per week/part of week
  • Public liability insurance: £10 per week

Meeting rooms / community lettings

Meeting rooms are available for hire at Altrincham, Hale, and Urmston Libraries. Contact Lettings on 0161 912 3001/1072 to book a room at Urmston.

Altrincham meeting rooms should be booked using our online form, see the Altrincham Meeting Rooms page for details.

Library book sale

Items as priced

Library request service

All requests are free of charge for items in stock/on order at any Trafford library.

We welcome suggestions for stock. Visit our Recommend a book page for more information.

Lost and damaged stock

The full replacement cost at the recommended retail price will be charged for all lost /damaged items.

Photocopying and printing charges

  • A4 black and white per side: 10p
  • A3 black and white per side: 15p
  • A4 colour per side: 50p
  • A3 colour per side: £1
  • Scanning: 20p

Public access computers

Sessions are free for the first hour, 50p per half hour (or part of half hour) thereafter.

Suspension of membership

Library membership will be suspended if items are not returned despite reminders being sent. If suspended, members will not be able to borrow library material or use the computers until measures have been taken to remove the suspension. It is advisable to discuss this with the Library Manager.

It is important that you retain your till receipt as no corrections or refunds for monies paid will be made without production of till receipt within 21 days.