Better parks

Every year, a programme of improvements is agreed to identify improvement works across parks and green spaces. Over the last five years, approximately £1.1 million has been invested into keeping Trafford play areas safe and open for the enjoyment of children across the borough.

Capital green space Programme 2023-24

The following locations are due for improvement works this year. However, works are subject to the weather, which my slow us down.

Play area improvements

Improvements works are scheduled to take place on a number of play areas.

Play area improvements list of works
Park or green space Scheme Forecasted start Notes
Abbotsfield Park Replace old seesaw with inclusive seesaw December 2023  
Navigation Park Replace timber framed swings December 2023  
Hullard Park Replace timber multi play unit February 2024  
Ashton Park Decay to timber components February 2024  
Walton Park Install small multiplay unit February 2024  
Lostock Park Outdoor gym / skatepark   Awaiting funding confirmation

If other equipment breaks or is vandalised

Report it, using the link at the top of the page.

Our teams will always look to repair broken or failed equipment as part of their maintenance work. Where a maintenance repair is not possible, issues will be added to the list for capital improvement works.

Each year a list of planned improvements to play equipment across the borough is set. The programme for this year has already been determined and due to budget constraints, can't accommodate any new projects. If you become aware of new issues, continue to report it to us as you do now.

Each year, the list will be developed based on priority need, which means that we can't guarantee that all new issues raised will make the final list. This is because more urgent issues will always move to the top of the list.