Large parts of the Borough, from Timperley to Carrington, have a long tradition of allotment growing - producing fruit, vegetables, plants and flowers.

Whilst commercial growing has declined in recent years owing to the pressure from development, the allotment movement has grown from strength to strength. There are 34 sites throughout Trafford with over 1500 individual plots in full time use. Judging of allotments is undertaken in July, with sites being judged for the Best site in the Borough, Best Plot in the Borough and many more categories. The awards are presented by the Mayor of Trafford and it is a well-loved tradition.

Many of Trafford's allotments hold open days, plant sales, coffee mornings in aid of charities, apple days and many other events.

Most sites organise social events such as hot pot suppers and bonfires, all of which involve the whole community.

A number of sites have community plots/groups that are always looking for people to help out. This could be a way to get practical lessons how to cultivate an allotment and learn how to grow your own food if you haven't had an allotment before.

How to get an allotment

If you are interested in having an allotment, the first place to start is to view the individual web pages for allotments in Trafford. Each page has information about the allotment as well as the details of the individual Allotment Secreataries, who will be able to tell you what is available.

The cost of an allotment is £104.00 annually for a 250 square metre plot, half plots available for £52.00. 50% discount if you are over 60.

For further information about locations of Trafford allotments or any other allotment enquiries email

Benefits of having an allotment

  • Organically grown and healthier food
  • Healthy outdoor recreation
  • Source of exercise
  • Relieves stress/improves health
  • Provides a source of friendship and companionship
  • Provides those who live in flats or who have small gardens with an outdoor area which they can grow their own produce
  • Sharing of knowledge
  • Provide family units with a pastime that can involve all members of the family
  • Community involvement
  • Social events
  • You can buy low cost fertilisers and goods from a trading hut on most sites