One Trafford Response

What is One Trafford Response?

This is an exciting opportunity for a range of organisations across partners and local communities to work together to understand, shape and develop an integrated place based model known locally as One Trafford Response. The Council and partners aim to redesign and improve the way we deliver frontline services to support individuals and families who are in need at the earliest possible opportunity.

Trafford Partnership has agreed a phased roll-out of this neighbourhood working. Firstly, in the Stretford area, then to the whole of the north locality followed by the other three neighbourhoods/localities.

Journey so far

Since May 2017, partners working in the Stretford area from across the Council, housing, health, employment and police have been getting to know the place, understanding the assets and demands of the community. It has developed into some joint working opportunities and sharing of skills and knowledge. They have been based in Trafford Housing Trust offices in Stretford mall.

The front-line staff have provided a co-ordinated response to families and individuals at the first point of contact whether this is through effectively linking them to community and voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) support or through a keyworker approach.

A keyworker acts as the main contact for an individual/family, empowers them to achieve their aspirations, and supports the coordination of agencies involved which allows residents to live their lives well without the support of services.

The purpose and principles of the new approach

The team working in the Stretford pilot developed the purpose and way of working.

The purpose of the model is to look at things from a resident’s perspective:

Work with me to live as well as I can.

The model has a set of operating principles for working together around a neighbourhood:

  • Doing what matters: focusing on the aspirations and personal outcomes of those we work with and the essential activities to achieve these.
  • Measuring what we’ve done: evidencing that we are making a difference through hard and soft evaluation.
  • Testing, learning and adapting: improving the effectiveness of the work we do and overcoming obstacles.
  • Recognising and pulling in everyone’s strengths: maximising the collective assets of citizens, employees and the community.

Next steps:

The roll out of the One Trafford Response way of working across the north neighbourhoods will build on the work already being done with health and social care services. We will widen this to other partners by re-locating the pilot OTR team to sit alongside the north neighbourhood locality team and by expanding the number of frontline staff across the north of borough who adopt the One Trafford Response approach to their everyday work.

All agencies working in the north of the borough will be invited to attend an induction briefing. The purpose is to share the model, provide opportunities to meet colleagues from a wide range of agencies and understand the north of the borough as a neighbourhood and what assets there are in the local communities.