Parking fines

Civil Enforcement Officers are empowered to issue parking fines (Penalty Charge Notices) to vehicles or motorists when contraventions are seen either on the street, or in any car parks, that are subject to parking regulations.

Depending on the severity of the contravention a penalty charge of £50 or £70 will be issued. The amount can be reduced by 50% if paid within 14 days of the penalty notice being issued.

The registered keeper or owner of the vehicle, or its hirer, is the person responsible for paying the penalty. Regardless of whether that person was the driver or not.

How to pay

To pay a parking fine, you can either:

  • Pay online
  • Call our 24 hour payment line on 0845 371 9901
  • Send a cheque or postal order, made payable to Trafford Council to the address below:

Parking Services
Trafford Council
Trafford Town Hall
Talbot Road
M32 0TH

How to appeal against a fine

If you feel the Penalty Charge Notice has been wrongly issued you can now appeal online.

The only legal grounds for claiming an incorrect penalty are:

  • The contravention did not occur
  • The penalty exceeded the relevant amount
  • The traffic order was invalid
  • You were not the owner or keeper of the vehicle at the time of the contravention
  • The vehicle had been taken without your consent
  • You are a hire firm and have supplied the name of the person hiring the vehicle

Unpaid penalties

If payment is not received within 28 days, the owner of the vehicle will be sent a statutory notice to pay the full amount or else make formal representations to the Council.

If your representations are rejected by the Council, and you are not satisfied, you can appeal to The Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

If payment is not received within 28 days of the Notice to Owner (NTO), the penalty charge will increase. It will be registered as a debt at the County Court and you will have 21 days to pay before payment is enforced by bailiffs.