Traffic Management Act

The Traffic Management Act (TMA) has been introduced to provide a more consistent approach to parking enforcement processes with a responsibility for all Council's to:

  • Have clear parking policies linked to the local authority's transport strategy
  • Review Traffic Regulation Orders to ensure they meet local needs
  • Ensure a consistent approach with neighbouring authorities and consult with them on any changes
  • Introduce a higher and lower charge for penalties - known as a Differential Charging System to increase parking compliance.

Adopt New Contraventions:

  • Vehicle drive aways (penalties to be served by post)
  • Parking on zig-zags
  • Parking at dropped kerbs
  • Double parking.

Amendments to Trafford's penalty charge notices and related documents have been made to reflect the new act.

Parking Attendant's will now be known as Civil Enforcement Officers and will continue to enforce parking regulations both On-street and within Council Operated car parks.

More information is available on our Parking Fines page.