Bridges, structures, walls and fences

We are responsible for, or have some involvement with, around 400 bridges and structures. These include highways bridges, bridges on Public Rights of Way and other structures such as retaining walls, highways fencing, gantries and culverts.

Damage to bridges

Not all bridges and structures on the highway are our responsibility. Other organisations that own bridges and structures include, but are not limited to: 

Bridges within Trafford can be damaged by accidents involving vehicles, as well as by malicious damage such as vandalism. If you are aware of a bridge that is damaged, you can report a damaged bridge online. Where accidents involving vehicles are reported to us with details of the vehicle (such as the registration), we may be able to claim the cost of any required repairs from the motorists’ insurance company.

Damage to walls and fences

Generally, the walls and fences that surround property and fields are erected by, and are the responsibility of, the landowner.

Walls and structures we are responsible for the maintenance and repair of include:

  • Highway retaining walls
  • Highway parapet walls
  • Walls or fences which provide a safety barrier, for example, where there is a steep drop

If you are aware of a wall or fence that is damaged, you can report a damaged wall or fence online.


To report graffiti on a bridge or structure that is our responsibility to maintain, visit our graffiti page.