Land availability

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

The SHLAA identifies land in the Trafford borough that might have potential for housing at some stage in the future and assesses when it’s likely to be developed. This helps us determine whether there is an adequate local housing land supply.

As such, the SHLAA is a great tool for developers to identify potential housing sites.

Brownfield Land Register (BLR)

The purpose of the BLR is to provide up-to-date and consistent information on sites that Local Planning Authorities’ consider to be appropriate for residential development.

Council land

We will occasionally market surplus land for development. Find Council land and properties for sale.

Stalled sites

Trafford currently have several sites on hold and require targeted action to bring them forward for development.

If you are interested in developing a site that has stalled, contact to find out more.


Self-build is where you are directly involved in organising the design and construction of your new property. Custom build usually involves working with a specialist developer.

We hold a register of individuals who have expressed an interest in acquiring land for self-build projects in the borough. Once you have joined the register, we will let you know if a suitable site for your requirement becomes available.

Homes England Land

The Homes England Land Hub lists the sites available for development or disposal by Homes England. You can view sites currently on the market on an interactive map.