Get planning approval

As planning is a vital part of any housing development project, we aim to make the process as smooth as possible so you can avoid delays and stay within budget.

Planning Permission

Planning permission is likely to be required if you are building something new, making a major change to a building, or changing the use of a building.

The Planning section of our website provides in depth information to help you understand what is required. 

Even if you do not require planning permission, you may still require a separate approval under the Building Regulations. For further information visit our Building Control page.

Get Pre-application Advice

If your proposal needs planning permission, we strongly recommend using our pre-application service.

By accessing this service, you get the opportunity to discuss your project with a Case Officer before you submit your planning application. The Case Officer will advise on what is required for a planning application.

Building Regulations approval

Building Regulations approval is separate to Planning Permission and will apply to most developments. It’s important to know whether Building Regulations approval is needed before you commence works on your development.

Check the Validation Checklist

Trafford has adopted an updated Application Validation Checklist and all new applications submitted will be assessed for validity against the checklist.

You can view the Validation Checklist.

The Local Planning Policy

Trafford’s Local Plan sets out how we will plan the future of development in Trafford and offers advice to developers on submitting planning applications.

Your development will need to be planned in line with Trafford’s Local Plan, otherwise it’s unlikely to receive planning permission.

Places for Everyone Plan is a sub-regional plan which sets the strategic policy context for the Trafford Local Plan.

To keep up to date with local policies regarding housing, affordable housing, and area specific plans, visit our Strategic Planning webpage.

Conservation areas

A conservation area is an area we consider to be of ‘special architectural or historic interest’. Conservation areas in Trafford vary, ranging from historic town centres to rural villages.

If your development project is in a conservation area additional consent may be required.

Search and track planning applications

You can use our database to search, track and comment on current applications and find historical applications.