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Business support, advice and funding

Trafford Council is committed to helping businesses in Trafford to grow and prosper. We work closely with business support agencies across Trafford and beyond to give you easy access to any support or information you may require.This page contains information about the range of business support and council services available to Trafford based businesses.

Busking and street performances

Trafford Council has worked with residents, buskers, businesses and professionals to develop a guidance code around busking and street performances

Buying a grave

How to buy a grave in Trafford

Buying a home

Help and advice on buying a home in Trafford

Buying through the Matchmaker Scheme

The Empty Property Matchmaker Scheme was devised to bring together the owners of empty properties in Trafford and people like you who are a private individual, an investor or a developer who wants to purchase an empty property in the borough.

By-election results

2002 and 2004 By-election information for wards in Trafford
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