Post Office Vouchers

How to cash your Post Office Payout® Voucher

If you are in one of our targeted groups and you received a Post Office Payout® Voucher, you will receive a letter from us with a barcode on it.

Take the letter to the Post Office along with one of the following forms of ID 

  • Council Tax letter
  • Valid passport
  • Valid UK photo driving licence
  • Other photo ID e.g. blue badge, bus pass

Show the letter to one of the Post Office counter staff. They will scan the barcode, ask to see your ID, and then give you the payment in cash. You must visit the Post Office to pick up your cash payment by the deadline stated on your letter.

Find your local Post Office

You can use the Post Office’s Branch Finder to find your nearest Post Office using your postcode. If you are unable to get to the Post Office, you can send someone on your behalf. They must take the letter and your ID to cash the voucher.

If you are unable to cash your voucher and have no one that can help, contact our call centre on 0161 912 2000, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.