Bin collections over Christmas and New Year 2022-23

Over the festive season some bin days will change. Remember to check your bin collection calendar to see which day you need to present your bins during this period.

Bin collections will take place as normal, the week commencing Monday 19 December. Week commencing Monday 26 December, bin collections will take place a day later than normal. Present your scheduled bins by 6.30am on your new collection day:

Bin collection date changes
Normal collection dateNew collection date
Monday 26 December Tuesday 27 December
Tuesday 27 December Wednesday 28 December
Wednesday 28 December Thursday 29 December
Thursday 29 December Friday 30 December
Friday 30 December Saturday 31 December

Bin collections will return to normal from Monday 2 January, so present your bins on your usual day. 

Help with additional waste

To help you manage any additional household waste and recycling over the festive period, you may:

  • Place any extra cardboard next to your blue recycling bin on your first collection after Christmas only.
  • Place two small rubbish bags next to your grey bin on your first collection after Christmas only.

Any extra waste placed out after this collection will not be removed.

After Christmas, chop up your Christmas tree and place it in your green bin. Alternatively take it to one of our drop off points, or take it to a recycling centre. 

Recycling centres are open every day from 8am till 6pm, and will only be closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Find out more on the recycle for greater manchester website.

Got extra food?

We’re all tempted to make extra food at Christmas. If you’ve got leftovers, discover tasty recipes at

You can also recycle all your food waste in the green bin; that includes raw, cooked, or gone-off food too.