Litter bins

We're responsible for ensuring the borough is kept clean and tidy. Around 1400 litter bins are emptied across Trafford, including over 400 trio bins to help you recycle on the go.

Emptying litter bins – what we do

  • The street care team empty up to 750 bins a day, 7 days a week
  • How often litter bins are emptied depends on the type of area and the frequency of use. As a guideline, bins in town centres and shopping centres are emptied at least once a day. Other bins can be emptied less often, but visited at least fortnightly
  • If you see a bin is full before we empty it, you can report it to us. We will send a crew to empty it by the end of the next working day

Litter bin locations

The placement and locations of all litter bins in Trafford have been carefully considered to ensure high footfall zones are covered, as well as areas in town centres, near shops and schools. Bins have also been installed in parks in consultation with Friends of Parks Groups. Accessibility for our collections crews is also considered—for the safe emptying of bins—when deciding where the bins are to be located.

We no longer install dedicated dog fouling bins, but bags of dog waste can be placed in normal litter bins.

Reporting a full litter bin

We empty litter bins regularly, however, sometimes a bin can get full before we can empty it. If a litter bin is full, please use another or take your rubbish home with you.

You can report a full litter bin using the online form on the link below.

Report a full litter bin