Street parties

You can send us your application as early as you wish but it must arrive no later than 8 weeks prior to when you require an in-principal decision from us.

This information is for the sort of street parties and fetes that groups of residents get together to arrange for their neighbours. The main differences between a small street party and fetes and larger public events are:

Differences between street parties and large public events
Street partiesLarger public event

For residents/neighbours only

Anyone can attend

Publicity only to residents

External publicity

No licences normally necessary if music is incidental and no selling is involved

Licence usually needed

Up to the organiser if they obtain insurance

Insurance needed

Risk assessment required

Risk assessment required, EMP may be required


Skilled/professional organiser


Requires traffic management

Organising small, private street parties and fetes is very simple and generally does not include activities that need a licence, such as selling alcohol or providing certain types of entertainment.

If you want to have a pay bar, you will need a Temporary Event Notice which is a type of temporary licence.

Not all roads will be suitable to close for street parties. Roads that will be suitable will be local roads, cul-de-sacs and residential roads. If it is not possible to close your road we would consider a request to hold your street party in your local park.

Next steps

If you are planning a larger public event contact the events team to discuss what supporting documentation will be required before starting your application form.

Consult your neighbours, we recommend you do this at least 8 weeks before you intend to submit your application in case there are residents who are away on holiday. To complete the application, you will need:

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