Rough sleeping

Nobody in Trafford should have to sleep on the streets.

The Outreach Workers based within Housing Options Service Trafford carry out regular searches and welfare checks, and respond promptly to any reports of rough sleeping within the borough.

We have a range of temporary and emergency accommodation options and work hard to identify and engage those that are sleeping rough.

Anybody who is sleeping on the streets in Trafford will be offered emergency accommodation under either homelessness legislation or Greater Manchester’s A Bed Every Night Scheme.

If you are rough sleeping

The Rough Sleeper Team can help you access support and services to help you get your own accommodation. If you have difficulties seeing physical or mental health professionals, or you have trouble with drugs, alcohol, debt, or benefits whilst you are rough sleeping, you can receive 1-to-1 support from the Rough Sleeper Navigators.

They offer support for a variety of needs to anyone who is rough sleeping and is open to help. You can refer yourself or someone you know by emailing the rough sleeper team or calling 0161 912 2230.

If you see someone rough sleeping

If you have seen someone sleeping rough within Trafford, please let us know by completing the form below. You do not need to approach the person, just tell us their location and give as much detail as possible to help us identify them. This may include:

  • Gender
  • Approximate age
  • What the person looks like
  • Description of clothing/sleeping bag/tent etc.

Alternatively, you can email these details to or create a report via the Streetlink website or by using their app.

Report a rough sleeper

  • About the person
  • Gender
  • Where and when
  • Time seen
  • About you
    Please provide your contact details if you would be happy for us to get in touch if we need more information