Roads, highways and pavements



Potholes can be a serious risk to road users and pedestrians.

Street lighting

As well as installing new lighting in the borough, we need to make sure that it is maintained. Any street lighting problems should be reported to us.

Highway Inspection Policy

Download our Code of Practice for Highway Safety Inspections

Traffic Regulation Orders

Find a list of all our current Traffic Regulation Orders

Temporary road closures

Occasionally, works on or near the highway may require a road to be either temporarily closed or diverted. Such closures require a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order which is arranged by the Council.

Upcoming roadworks and road resurfacing schemes

View a full list of schemes to improve and maintain Trafford's roads, footpaths and cycle paths.

Carrington Relief Road

Details about the planned transport infrastructure improvements in Carrington.

Blocked drains

The responsibility for blocked drains and sewers depends upon whether the problem is in a sewer or a drain.

Dangerous pavements

More information about pavement obstructions and how to report them.


We are responsible for maintaining 700km of roads in Trafford. When frost, ice or snow is forecast, our gritting teams make sure that Trafford keeps on the move.