Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is a serious social and criminal issue. The violence can take many forms and can last for many years. It includes physical assault, sexual abuse, psychological abuse and financial exploitation.

Anyone in society can suffer from this type of abuse, regardless of your age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, financial position, culture or beliefs. The abuse may be from someone you are currently in a relationship with or have previously had a relationship with. This includes abuse from relatives, as well as opposite or same sex partners.

There are laws to protect you and any children you have living with you. Local specialist services are available in Trafford to provide you with free, confidential advice and explain your options.

Where to get help?

The Trafford Domestic Abuse Service website can offer support, guidance and advice. You can also find information, links and advice on the Trafford Directory.

If you are worried that you could be tracked online, the safest way would be to access the internet at a local library, an internet cafe, friend's house or at work.

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