Current Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs)

Trafford Park Public Spaces Protection Order - Trafford Park

Following a public consultation in 2016, Trafford Council is introducing a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to combat Car Cruising in Trafford Park.

The analysis of the public consultation shows that a major problem exists. Car cruising cannot be controlled or dealt with by traditional means, and current methods are not sustainable. The implementation of the PSPO may not solve the problem alone, but will allow the police to take appropriate action at an earlier stage which will assist in preventing the gathering of large numbers of vehicles or crowds of people.

This PSPO has now been extended to 2 February 2023.

Public Spaces Protection Order - Alcohol consumption in designated places

A DPPO was implemented on 24 May 2002 covering the borough of Trafford to prevent the consumption of alcohol in designated public places. 

Please note: Following the introduction of the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act in 2014 existing DPPOs were allowed to continue for a further three years. In October 2017 these automatically converted to PSPOs for a further three year period and will therefore expire on October 19 2020. We are currently in consultation to extend these for another three years.

Gating orders

In the past we have made a gating order (now called a PSPO) where recorded crime and anti-social behaviour could be significantly reduced by stopping the access along a footpath, ginnel, alley or similar. All of our gating orders are now PSPOs

You can see a list of current gating order PSPOs below. 

These PSPOs are due to expire on 19 October 2020, and we are currently in consultation to extend this date. We will update this page once a decision has been made.

We are not planning to implement any further gating order PSPOs.

Current gating orders

Current gating orders
Path Gating Order Location Available PDF Downloads 

Number 1

Stretford, Old Trafford and Flixton - Various Location

No. 1 Path Gating Order

Number 2

Grange Road/Heyes Lane, Timperley

No. 2 Path Gating Order

Number 3

Sir Matt Busby Way/Chester Road/Partridge Street

No. 3 Path Gating Order

Number 4

Derby Road, Field Road, Sale

No. 4 Path Gating Order

Number 5

Victoria Road, Derbyshire Lane and Henshaw Street, Stretford

No. 5 Path Gating Order

Number 6

Field Road, Sale

No. 6 Path Gating Order

Number 7

School Road, Jackson Street, Stretford

No.7 Path Gating Order

Number 8

Old Trafford Triangle

No. 8 Path Gating Order

Number 9

Old Trafford Triangle

No. 9 Path Gating Order

Number 10

Woodstock Road

No. 10 Path Gating Order

Number 16

Woodheys Park, Sale

No. 16 Path Gating Order