What goes in my bins?

Recycling and waste bin collections

Trafford is one of the top recycling boroughs in England – recycling 56.9% of its waste, but we need your help. Unfortunately, not everyone recycles everything they can.

This means that we are still spending more on waste disposal than we need to. Recycling more means spending less on waste disposal; helping us to protect other services which benefits the local community.

Waste collections - what we do

As a waste collections authority, we are responsible for emptying the bins. The waste collection service will empty:

  • Black recycling bins every four weeks
  • Blue recycling bins every four weeks
  • Green recycling bins or green caddies every week
  • Grey waste bins every two weeks

What to put in each bin

For more information on what goes in each bin, click the options below.

For details on waste services and what you can recycle, download your recycling guide and follow @OneTrafford on Twitter for hints and tips – search #Traffordbins

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority tell us what we can collect in each bin. You can find out more by visiting their website.

Missed bin collections

If we miss your bin, we normally return to empty it within two working days. In the first instance check our bins disruption page, to see if your street is listed. If it is listed, we will return on the date mentioned on the page, and you should not report your missed bin to us.

If your street isn’t listed, you can report your missed bin to us. We will check it against our in-cab system to see if there is a reason why the bin was not emptied. For example, the recycling bin was contaminated or the crew noted that the bin was not presented for collection. When a reason is found on the in-cab system, we will close your service request and let you know why. The bin will not be emptied and you should wait until your next scheduled collection.

If your bin was found to be missed by mistake, we will arrange for a crew to return.

Due to circumstances outside of our control, we may sometimes ask that you bring your bin back in and wait until your next scheduled collection.