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Improvement plan updates

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Following an Ofsted inspection we have implemented a 2 year Improvement Plan for Children’s Services. This page lists our latest Improvement Board updates and relevant documents / bulletins.

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Improvement Board Update 8 December 2020

Posted: Wednesday 23rd December 2020
Blog: 2020

Dedicated time was set aside with Ambition Leads, to review the Improvement Plan ensuring it is as up to date as possible. Part of this review has been to consider the timescales for completion of tasks to ensure they are realistic, achievable, and take into consideration the complexity of some of the work. 

This review has included the re- designation of 3 work streams in line with our new senior leadership team members:

  • Ambition 1 – to Pamela Wharton, Director of Early Help and Social Care
  • Ambition 3 – to Jude Brown, Strategic Lead Practice Improvement and Learning
  • Ambition 5 – to Tony Morrissey, Strategic Lead Safeguarding. (This will enable this work stream to have a focus on both social care practice and that of the wider partnership).
Once this piece of work has been finalised, the whole plan will go to the next Improvement Board on 19 January 2021 to maintain the oversight of the Board to ensure we are transparent in how we develop and evolve our improvement planning.

In reviewing the plan we have also started to identify task and finish groups to undertake specific tasks within the ambition workstreams, This is really important in order for us to shape and influence our practice improvement, ensure that the strategic plan is translated into practice, and services to children and families improve.

Along with the review of the plan, we've developed a performance scorecard which was well received at the Board, as this presents a very honest position of where we are within the improvement journey and we can clearly demonstrate that we know ourselves well.