Local travel information

Useful travel web links for residents of Trafford

Local Welfare Provision

From April 2013, Social Fund Crisis Loan payments and Community Care Grants are being abolished.Instead funding will be transferred to Local Authorities to help address local needs and priorities.

Login to track faults & issues

Login to track a report, view your benefits online, renew library books, etc.

Longford Park

Longford Park is the largest municipal park in the borough covering approximately 22 hectares. The park is located in the Stretford Area of Trafford.

Looked After Children

Trafford Council's children's social care's policy and procedure about Looked After Children

Looking back at a year of Covid and looking forward to brighter times

Looking back at a year of Covid – and looking forward to brighter times

Lostock High School - How to appeal

How to appeal if your child's place at Lostock High School has been unsuccessful

Lostock High School appeal hearings timetable

Appeals timetable for school places at Lostock High School

Lostock Library

Services available at Lostock Library in Trafford

Lostock Park

Lostock Park is located on Curzon Road, Lostock. The park is 7.74 hectares in size and is the second largest park in the Stretford area. Lostock Park, has ample open space with two football pitches, play facilities and a bowling green which is tended with pride by the local bowling club.

Lotteries licence

Lotteries licence information from Trafford Council

Love Parks Week

Are you creative with a camera? Maybe you can snap some stunning scenery or your photos of people are absolutely picture perfect. If so, we want to hear from you.
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