Social care needs

Looked after children

Travel assistance for children will be provided following authorisation from the relevant social care panel. There is an expectation that placement providers and/or carers will provide travel assistance where possible. A range of travel solutions will be considered to best support the child’s attendance at school.

Respite and short breaks

Some children have been assessed as having a social care need and may attend respite or short breaks provision. For more information on the assessment process for this, see the social care section of our SEND local offer.

If children require travel assistance to attend respite or short breaks provision then this should be stated on the travel assistance application. This is a discretionary offer and each case will be considered on an individual basis. If travel assistance is awarded, it will be provided free of charge by either the respite provider or us.


Care plans will be reviewed annually or sooner if there is a material change in a disabled child’s needs in which case a re-assessment will take place. The child’s entitlement to travel assistance for respite or short breaks will be considered as part of this.