Trafford Local Plan Consultations

Regulation 18 Local Plan Consultation July 2018

In accordance with regulations, notice was given that Trafford Council is preparing a new Local Plan. Trafford Council invited consultees to make representations in regard to the scope and subject of the Local Plan (Town and Country Planning (Local) Planning (England) Regulations 2012– Regulation 18).

This consultation covered the Local Plan Issues Paper, the IA Scoping Report and the Local Plan Call for sites. Comments were invited on the Issues Paper or IA Scoping report as well as any site submissions from 23 July 2018 until 14 September 2018.

Local Plan Issues Paper

The Local Plan Issues Paper sets out a number of key issues that the Local Plan is likely to consider and how it could address them. It asks for comments on whether the right issues have been considered or if there is any further evidence available to help produce the New Local Plan. The topics covered include economic growth, inclusive growth and environment sustainability.

Integrated Assessment Scoping Report

The IA Scoping Report identifies the type, nature and extent of potential effects which need to be considered and proposes the scope for future assessment stages of an IA of the Local Plan.

Local Plan Call for sites

The Local Plan will allocate sites that are suitable for future housing, employment and green spaces, similar to those in the Revised Trafford Unitary Development Plan (UDP). To help identify these we also asked for site submissions so they could be considered as potential development sites, sites to be protected or for other purposes, e.g. town centre boundaries or green networks.

This ‘call for sites’ invitation was a chance for everyone from developers, landowners, residents and other stakeholders to help shape the Local Plan. It allowed the Council to ensure that it has up-to-date information relating to potential development sites before it publishes the first consultation draft Local Plan. An assessment of each submission will consider how it “fits” with new Local Plan policies and if any proposed development is sustainable and deliverable as defined by national planning policies.

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